Trajectory Healthcare, LLC is a population health analytics solutions company. We help evaluate, improve, and design population health management programs using your evidence and our patented analytics tools.

Founded in 2002, Trajectory HealthCare has provided epidemiologic consulting services to a full range of health-related organizations, including Medicare programs, Medicaid Agencies, commercial health plans (large and small), care management vendors, employer groups, investment bankers, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Disease Management Association of America (now the Population Health Alliance), Academy Health, accreditation agencies such as URAC, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

About Us

Thomas Wilson

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

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Thomas Wilson, PhD, DrPH is the founder of Trajectory Healthcare; and the co-founder of the non-profit organization, The Population Health Impact Institute. He is an epidemiologist specializing in the design, evaluation, and science-based improvement of population health. During his career, Dr. Wilson has provided services to Medicare programs, Medicaid Agencies, health plans, care management vendors, employer groups, investment bankers, pharmaceutical companies, genetic labs and non-profit groups (e.g., BCBS Association, Disease Management Association of America, Population Health, , Academy Health, AHRQ & URAC). Dr. Wilson was awarded two patents in 2010 and has licensed them to Trajectory for use in the healthcare industry; these patents are the basis of the Trajectory software products.

(Dr. Wilson sitting at the John Snow Pub in London, England, where at a water pump right outside, Dr. Snow, in 1854, founded the science of epidemiology. Click to learn more about pub and its namesake.)

Garry Carneal

Chief Strategy Officer

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Garry Carneal, JD, MA serves as Trajectory Healthcare’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Garry is a leading expert in healthcare having researched, written, and published extensively on quality, medical management, information technology, and regulatory trends. He has established a track record helping trade associations, accreditation organizations, nonprofits, and other health-related businesses scale nationally. Throughout his career, Garry has brought to market over 30 accreditation programs that have been recognized by 45 states and three federal agencies. He also serves as the President and CEO of Schooner Strategies and RadSite. He serves on numerous boards and committees (including the related non-profit organization, the Population Health Impact Institute).

Martin MacDowell

Chief Population Health Officer

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Martin MacDowell, DrPH, MBA, MS serves as Trajectory Healthcare’s Chief Population Health Officer (CPHO). Dr. MacDowell has been involved in writing and implementing numerous research and evaluation projects during his 20 years as a Research Professor at the University of Illinois. His scholarly and consulting interests have focused on program evaluation, health services research, and population health/epidemiologic topics. During his time as a tenured faculty member at Xavier University, he collaborated with Dr. Wilson on a variety of projects and publications. He has published over forty peer-reviewed articles and completed policy and research reports and presentations for county, non-profit, and state organizations. Several projects have involved management of large data files and advanced statistical methods and almost all related to some aspect of population health. He has broad academic training that included project management and has successfully implemented a variety of projects involving multiple disciplines and backgrounds.

Janet (“Jessie”) Sullivan

Chief Medical Officer

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Dr. Jesse Sullivan, MD serves as Trajectory Healthcare’s Chief Medical Officer. She has extensive experience working with health plans, physician practices, hospitals, and care management organizations. For over 20 years, she has applied her experience in clinical performance measurement to support excellent health care for clients, employers, patients and enrollees. Her experience includes Vice President, Medical Director Vice President, Center for Regional Healthcare Innovation, Westchester Medical Center, Hawthorne, NY and Chief Medical Officer, Hudson Health Plan (a Medicaid plan), for nearly 17 years, where she worked with Trajectory on a number of projects. She is co-author, with Dr. Wilson, of a study on COVID-19 incidence and mental health disorders.

Lars Rabbe

Chief Information Officer

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Lars Rabbe serves as Trajectory Healthcare’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). Lars was Senior Executive/CIO with experience in companies such as Skype, Intuit, Yahoo, Lucent Technologies, Fidelity Investments, Redback Networks, Octel Communications, and NeXT Computer. He managed groups of over 1,500 employees in over 50 countries with budget responsibility of over $1B. He previously successfully developed, acquired, and implemented large company-wide systems in many industries including high tech, financial services, media, and retail. He has a track record as a change agent in both large and small environments with experience in outsourcing on-shore and off-shore. He is serving on several advisory boards.

Robert Catino

Chief Technology Officer

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Robert Catino, Ph.D. serves as Trajectory Healthcare’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Robert is the founder of SET Consultants, which provides project management, data analysis, software development, and automated solutions for businesses. Robert obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of North Texas and has patents in database systems and computer engineering. He has experience of taking products to market with IBM and Abbott Labs. He was an adjunct professor in the Applied Technology, Training, Development Program at the University of North Texas.

Jack Shoemaker

Senior Director, Analytics

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Jack Shoemaker serves as Trajectory Healthcare’s Senior Director of Analytics. Jack is a results-driven senior executive with broad health-care experience and a proven track record of deploying appropriate technology to solve complex business problems. Recognized for strong technical qualifications in business-intelligence platforms, especially SAS, and complex project management. Demonstrated ability to establish and manage cross-functional teams to achieve desired business objectives on time and on budget.

James Newman

Senior Director, IT Infrastructure

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James Newman serves as Trajectory Healthcare’s Senior Director IT Infrastructure. He has deep experience in developing and supporting a wide range of information technology platforms. His experience includes IBM and Fifth Third Bank and his own IT consulting firm.

Patty Jenkins

Office Manager

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Patty Jenkins serves as Trajectory’s office manager. She is responsible for human resources, bookkeeping and office administration. Prior to joining Trajectory and Schooner Strategies, she worked in a law firm for 25 years in Washington, D.C. She also is a volunteer for several organizations in the Annapolis Community.

Stephen Siegel

Website and IT Support

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Stephen is the lead developer, overseeing Trajectory’s website and other web applications. He has an educational background in both design and programming, and continually researches new technologies and best practices to refine his workflow. Prior to joining the team, he has worked on a variety of projects in a freelance capacity both in and out of the healthcare spectrum.

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